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I'm a guy. Guys don't do much cooking. Or preparation. But I wanted to learn something new. So here's a story about my travails.
22 Jul 2007
Paul Nichols 
China - 2 Cents
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Warning: I'm not a food expert.

China has banned some food imported from the US because they've found it contains "salmonella, feed additives and veterinary drugs." Ummm... salmonella is found in raw food, which is why you cook it. Unless "feed additives" are cardboard and engine coolant, I'm thinking it's not so bad.

Of course, wouldn't it be nice to get food that's healthy and natural? That's why I eat hot dogs.

Ha ha ha.
16 Jul 2007
Mark Nichols 
Health - 2 Cents
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Proving again that we're way ahead of the curve, this is from a Men's Health article called 125 Best Foods in Your Supermarket (via Yahoo):

12. Best Sweetened Cereal
Honey Nut Cheerios
When you crave sugar, do the least damage with these lightly sweetened O's.

And in case you were wondering about bacon:

43. Best Canadian Bacon
Hormel Canadian Style Bacon
Already cooked - just zap it in the microwave for 11 g protein.
26 Jun 2007
Mark Nichols 
Bacon - 2 Cents
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Another ESPN page 2 article referenced bacon. It's from DJ Gallo and talks about hockey. I understand if no one wants to click on the link, then.
25 May 2007
Mark Nichols 
EMERGENCY! - 2 Cents
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This blog post can be found at CNN.com. I'm not sure how long it will be active, or how much or little you'll have to scroll down to find it, but the post is in regards to bacon. Thus, this is an issue we cannot ignore!
17 May 2007
Mark Nichols 
Comments: 5 
Here's a quick tip to live a healthier life. Yes, listen up to the expert.
07 May 2007
Paul Nichols 
Top Five Foods - 5 Cents
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Yeah yeah yeah, it's list time. For the truly lazy article writer lists are our savior.
16 Jan 2007
Paul Nichols 

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