Millionaire Audition, Part III

Posted by: Mark Nichols

27 Jun 2007

I auditioned again today for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I took two audition tests - one for their TV Week, and also the regular audition test. Both were again made up of 30 multiple choice questions. Since I don't really watch TV anymore (no cable or satellite TV in the house), I probably got about 17 or 18 out of 30 on the TV test. I failed it. But of course I got one question right: "Which of the following characters worked for The Phoenix Foundation?" [I'm not going to give the choices - you shouldn't need them. Answer below.]


But I passed the regular audition test, probably getting about 22 out of 30. TONS of people passed either the TV or the regular test this time. I'm talkin' half the people there. There were so many interviews that I just don't see how I could pass that portion of the audition. I'm telling you now so you don't have to hope for three weeks while I wait to get the rejection postcard - I failed the interview.


I tried to stick out a little more this time by creating conversation instead of being captive to it. It turns out my interviewer had lived in Connecticut for a short time, so I made mention of that, trying to focus on the moose that prevented me from auditioning earlier this month (because it snarled traffic). (On a side note, I was actually late to my appointment today because of traffic again, but because my appointed time was 5, I had the chance to get in the standby line at 6 for the next round of auditions.)


For your information, I'm pretty sure I recognized some of the TV questions (the regular exam questions were all new to me, though). Maybe those I was familiar with were asked in the online version of the game. Bill Gage, Millionaire aficionado, theorized in an email that some of the audition questions are coming from previous episodes. Maybe I saw them there. That would also explain how some people who seem to have no business being contestants get on the show.


Anyhoo, that'll be it for my audition attempts for awhile. Good luck to those of you out there hoping to get on the show!

















Answer: MacGyver

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