Posted by: Mark Nichols

20 May 2007

This weekend was great for being rejected. On Saturday alone I missed my chance at 1 million dollars and was "this close" to performing live on Broadway for my first time ever.


A few weeks ago I auditioned for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Search this site for previous mentions of "Millionaire" to get the low-down on those previous adventures. (Quick side note: two weeks ago if you Googled "Millionaire Audition Questions", an article on this site would have come up as the 10th result. Now the search results do not include us. Is it because in the article I include links back to other articles on this site, thus creating a fake article importance that Google looks down on? Or was it the fact that I had written down 24 of the 30 audition question answers? Since Google is a big fan of violating copyrights, I'm betting the former. Or maybe they just changed their algorithm in order to provide worse search results.)


Saturday I got the postcard in the mail which would tell me if I was going to be on the show or not.





I shall attempt it again soon, and next time during the interview I'll try to be interesting. I'm sure they'd love to hear about my attempt to get on Broadway!


Saturday, Rachel and I were in the city trying to get cheep Broadway tickets. "Wicked" has a lottery the day of shows that allows the winners to by 26 dollar tickets for horrible seating. We did not win the lottery. But right next door is another show called "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." They have a lottery too... which we also didn't win. But one group of people ended up winning so many tickets that they didn't need two of them, so we did end up seeing the musical!


It turns out that "Spelling Bee" interviews and selects four people to be on stage during much of the performance. The interviews occur before the performance starts, so Rachel and I both were interviewed... and we weren't selected.


The show was funny at times. And the lines the people were instructed to give were typical of spelling bees.


Judge (who happened to be Mo Rocca, sitting two feet away from me since we were practically sitting on stage): "Your word is: 'cow'."


Audience member selected for cast: "Can you give the definition?"


Judge: "It's a cow." [laughter]


Audience member: "Can you use it in a sentence?"


Judge: "Please spell cow." [more laughter]


Anyhoo, I just missed being a Broadway star, but hopefully my near miss will be enough of a story to earn me moolah on Millionaire.

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