Words to Retire in 2011

Posted by: Mark Nichols

29 Dec 2011

2012 is almost upon us. It’s time to retire some words and phrases in 2011 (in other words, hopefully they don’t get used in 2012).


5. “Threw up a little in my mouth” - used to show disgust at something. Used to be funny. Now it feels very 2007 or something. Blah. Not that I have anything against 2007.


4. Any nickname for President Obama such as Obummer or referencing his middle name of Hussein as if he’s a Muslim. Although I still find Obammy endearing.


3. [fill in a word] much? This had its moment of hilarity, but now I find it a little too preachy. Although I could use it right now regarding my state of mind: annoyed much?


2. Does not a [fill in a word] make. Use of this phrase sounds like an attempt to be smart while tacitly mocking someone. Here’s an example: “Calling out annoying grammar does not a grammar expert make.” Thanks Yoda.


1. Any nickname for Democrat or Republican. It’s gotten annoying to read comments about Republicants or Republicons or Repukes. Ditto with the Demtards, etc. Any use of this kind of nickname does not make me think you’re more of an authority; it does not persuade me to pay attention to your argument. It’s evidence of being lazy. It takes as much thought to use one of these nicknames as it does to pound out a "top 5 phrases to retire" article.


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