Notebook Wars 2

Posted by: Mark Nichols

20 Oct 2011

Thereís a fun little web game on Yahoo! Games called Notebook Wars 2. I saw an ad for it yesterday on their site and decided to give it a go. Itís similar to those classic overhead vertical scrolling games like 1942. In other words, itís cool!


You shoot down the bad guys and earn money. That money can buy you better versions of your current weapons, or better weapons altogether. You can also upgrade your plane. You start off with a plane with one weapon slot, but can eventually earn enough to buy a plane with four weapon slots. You then have to pay extra to equip each slot (a one-time fee per slot).


Itís easy enough to figure out, and you can replay the same level to keep earning money before moving on. There are also unlimited lives, and you donít have to download anything.


It should take you a couple of hours max to beat the entire game. I wish the later levels were a little harder, but all in all itís a nice little time waster.


Hereís a screen shot of an opening round level:





And hereís a screen shot of the last level with the most decked-out plane:





And hereís the link to the game: Notebook Wars 2 (and hereís the link to Yahoo! Games)


Have fun!



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