Happy 5th Birthday!

Posted by: Mark Nichols

30 Sep 2011

Happy 5th birthday, DimeBrothers.com!


I registered the site at the end of September, 2006, and wrote the first article by the end of October. We did a decent job of writing articles through the first year, and since then we’ve relied much more on blurbs and recycled videos rather than full articles.


In the last year I’ve moved a few more links over to the sidebar, moved all the “messages” over to the main article portion of the website and labeled them as “2 cents” (no more Messages tab). Now they’re searchable from our search tab (although I know ideally we’d have a search box on every page, which Google does offer, but enh).


I’ve cleaned up the categories a little bit, although it’s hard to box in some of the articles. I’ve added the AdSense ads back in so we can make a few cents (as much as a dime!) a year. They’re doing much better at showing decent ads rather than those awful spammy-feeling kinds of ads (“follow this one rule,” anyone? Or any insurance ad that says it can get you covered for less than 10 bucks… (an hour!).)


There are still some code things behind the scenes I (or Steve!) could fix, but nothing’s urgent. We’re in a good place with the site. We even transferred hosts from iPower (who I do not recommend) to WebHostingPad, which has been good to us by comparison. It was an extremely difficult transfer so I wrote an article about it.


Now if only we could find a brother who would write more frequently!


Happy fifth, Dime Brothers, and here’s to a good 6th.


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