The 5/5-10 Website Rule

Posted by: Paul Nichols

25 Sep 2011

If you’re like me and most guys I know, life’s pretty simple. Work, eat, family, sleep. Throw in some community time. Some sports time.


This simplicity transfers to the Internet, too. You check about 5 websites regularly and another 5 to 10 not too often. Here are my 5:


www.espn.com, www.dimebrothers.com, www.facebook.com, e-mail, and www.theonion.com.


Some words on The Onion: It seems like they’ve given up on the ‘metered paywall’ approach, in which they were trying to make you subscribe after viewing 5 articles in a month. Their attempt was pretty porous and lasted about a month. One could just copy and paste the articles into another program to read them, or even just scroll down and continue reading cause their attempt to block content was stuck at the top of the page. They’re probably re-doing it.


Some of my 5 to 10 “I’m bored, what’s the Internet got for me?” sites are:

www.cracked.com (can learn a lot here, surprisingly)

www.nhc.noaa.gov (the next hurricane could be coming for you!)

www.uncrate.com (outrageous gifts for men; recent links included Wampa-fur sneakers, a $150 umbrella, and a $135M yacht).


The other dimebrother is known to like www.redbookmag.com.

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