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Posted by: Paul Nichols

06 Apr 2007

Many of us have gone to college and sat through some of the most boring classes known to man (not me, though - I didn't take chemistry). Regardless, I think we've all thought about why we're not taking or haven't taken the classes we really want to. Well, think no more. Were that there were a school like this.


Press Release


Dime Brothers Finishing School, LLC (Nasdaq: DBFS) announces the opening of preparatory schools around the globe. DBFS, LLC will teach you all the things you want to know for the low low price of - but wait! If you enroll now you'll be allowed to enroll in an extra class for free!


Classes include:


Chess (beginning, advanced, and Deep Blue)

MacGyver (up to four semesters)

Home Depot (with construction, plumbing, and electrical concentrations)


Trivial Pursuit


Electives include:


Table Games

Musical Instruments (including Guitar, either Rock Star or Coffee Haus; Piano, either Rock Star or Church; and many others)

Practicums designed to allow you to gain experience in a variety of real-world fields, such as flower shop, massage therapy, auto shop, or real estate get-rich-quick schemes


We're adding more classes every semester!


Registrants can apply to our one- or two-year programs. We keep costs down by basing our operations in tax-favorable countries. Choose from one of our many waterfront locations in Mexico, Indonesia, and Louisiana.


Sign up now, registration ends soon!

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