Conan and Leno

Posted by: Mark Nichols

03 May 2010

Given I haven't tried to understand the whole flap that occurred when Leno got The Tonight Show back from Conan, but to me it still doesn't seem Leno is getting a "fair shake" in all of this. I thought NBC forced him to retire so that Conan could take over. And when the ratings were bad, Leno got his old job back. And he's a bad guy why?

Conan basically said on 60 Minutes that he doesn't see how Leno was getting screwed by NBC... well, certainly everyone has made him out to be a bad guy, right? So he's getting screwed that way. And the ratings weren't there for Conan, so he shouldn't be surprised by getting booted.

And by the way, David Letterman is not that funny.
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