Customer Service Part II

Posted by: Paul Nichols

26 Feb 2007

To jump on the customer service bashing...


I was in Stop & Shop the other day and I decided to buy some non-watered down juice because I thought I could use the vitamin C. So I look at what's on sale, note that things are terribly marked, pick up something tagged as 2 for $5, and check out.


Nothing wrong, I drive home and check the receipt and find I've been charged $3.79 for a half gallon of Dole something-or-other. Being out later in the evening, I drive back to Stop & Shop with the receipt and try to get my $1.29 back. The lady gives me the standard "It's not in the ad" and I insist that it's labeled $2.50 in the aisle. What's muddling the situation is that I bought something on clearance that was originally selling 2 for $5, and that item followed the juice on the receipt. She's convinced I'm a moron, and I'm wondering why she just won't give me the $1.29 and call it a day. So I go check the aisle, find that it's their fault, even change the label for them, and then pick up the juice that's actually on sale for $2.50.


Stop & Shop (and Target) is just horrible at marking their sale items. Some of the items have tags, others don't. Some items on sale in the flyer aren't even marked at all. Adding to the melee, customers are mixing and matching items all the time to muss up the works.


Customer: "Well, this $250 fireplace was in the $4.17 candy aisle, and since you're putting me through all this hassle, can't I get it for $2.50???!!!"


Clerk: "You're holding a mattress, and it's from Wal-Mart."


So I understand the clerk's hesitation, but the result of all this hassle is this: I buy the new juice. I go home and get the old juice. I bring the old juice back and request my full $3.79. Stop & Shop has to throw away the juice because it's illegal to put it back on the shelf. The lady I'm returning it to asks, "Why don't I just give it to you for $2.50?" I say, "Good question! The other gal here wouldn't do it, and I didn't understand why. But since I've already bought some juice, no thanks." Waste of time and money for everyone.

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