Baby Boom or Bust!

Posted by: Paul Nichols

14 Feb 2007

I want to be the first to tell the census bureau that we're at the beginning of another baby boom. And it's not just because everyone I know is having their first or fourth kid. No, there is more to this than just evidence. We're at the backside of a war; the stock market will likely go up another 10% this year (there were 15% gains in 2006); housing prices are coming down a little further; and everyone entering the anomalous entity known as adulthood figures that raising kids seems very adult-like. So having kids is the most American thing people can figure to do these days.


As an aside, why worry about Social Security? These new boomers will help pay for the bankruptcy of the Social Security system predicted for whatever year it's predicted for, probably something like 2035. These Social Security people are the same guys that told us we were going to run out of coal in 2008 and oil in 2023. And now when are we going to run out of coal - 2120? I'm not saying earning 2% on our Social Security is any good. I'd much prefer to have that money earning the 15% stocks went up this year. I digress.


So here's my prediction: another baby boom is upon us, and the year for Social Security's predicted bankruptcy will change 10 more times.

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