NFL Week 1 Thoughts

Posted by: Paul Nichols

18 Sep 2010

NFL Week 1 Thoughts


A play is a process? That's the stupidest rule ever.


The Lions won that game. Done and done. Whatever happened to "the ground can't cause a fumble?"


Who cares if the receiver goes to the ground or not? The question was and always should be, "did he have possession and then two feet inbounds while maintaining possession?" As soon as those qualifiers are met, the catch should count.


DJ Gallo on ESPN.com wisely calls this "A rule as dumb as the tuck rule ... but for receiving! YAY!"


Alright. I'll let that go for now. Other than that, I can't help but think Dime Brothers' NFL Preview article is pretty on target right now. I think I should have every confidence after only one week of NFL action.

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