Tonight Show's Kevin Eubanks' Departure

Posted by: Paul Nichols

08 Sep 2010

I know not everyone loves these late-night shows. Do you watch Jay Leno? Do you watch David Letterman? This classic debate doesn't really interest me much. Probably because I prefer Leno and I don't really feel like changing my mind.


I think most agree that Leno is more light-hearted than Letterman. At the end of the day, I want to be cheered up. So I prefer Leno.


But one of the reasons Leno was so great was his band leader, Kevin Eubanks. The banter between those two was free-flowing and funny. Leno's monologue was funnier for Kevin being there to make fun of Leno and himself.


That's why I was so sad to turn on my TV this summer and see someone else standing in Kevin's spot. So apparently I wasn't paying attention for a couple months, because I kept hoping that it was just an extended vacation. "Surely he'll be back, right?" I kept hoping.


Well, some people, me included, just can't get over Kevin's break with the show. We're left wondering why Jay and Kevin's perfect marriage was broken up. So we fall back on the wonderer's classic gambit - surely a conspiracy is at play! In fact, this article was lightly hinting at conspiracy 3 months before he even left the show! That's a great bit of reporting!


Read more about Kevin's replacement at our sister site, www.theresjustnowaythatstrue.com.


Seriously, I don't believe the breakup was anything more than Kevin and company just deciding to move on. But I'm a little less cheery for Kevin having left.

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