Honey Graham Oh's

Posted by: Mark Nichols

21 Aug 2010

It's not often we here at Dime Brothers can whole-heartedly endorse a product. In fact, brother #2 has probably never even tried this product (but who cares what he thinks!). The product: Quaker's Honey Graham Oh's cereal.


Oh's, according to the Wikipedia entry, was launched in the 1980s and used to offer two varieties. Now they're down to one. It's also a very hard to find cereal. Currently I only know of its existence in New Jersey, but it's not like I travel all over looking for it. But it can also be bought at Quaker's online store, except the online store charges at least 150% of what it would cost in a store (and almost double the price of what we paid on sale, which was $1.99 for a 12 oz. box)."


Oh's are circular crunchy rings that have graham crackers and honey and rice bits smushed together in the middle. There's probably more to it than that but I don't care. I love that they're crunchy yummy goodness. They're great as a plain snack or with milk. The milk may turn a little filmy when eating but it's not too bad. They're like an adult version of Quaker's Captain Crunch.


According to the Information Resources, Inc. data that I have access to, in 2009 1.5% of US households had purchased Oh's, compared to market leading General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios' 26.5%. Oh's market share (in terms of poundage) was 0.14% versus Honey Nut Cheerios' 4.5%.


So this article is a call to try and get that Oh's share bumped up. You don't have to switch from Honey Nut Cheerios (which is Brother #2's favorite cereal, although I actually prefer the generic Malt-O-Meal Scooters equivalent), but stop wasting your time and money on Shredded Wheat and buy something I enjoy. That way maybe it'll get distributed closer to home. And you might enjoy it, too.



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