Happy 3rd Birthday DimeBrothers.com

Posted by: Mark Nichols

01 Oct 2009

Happy 3rd birthday, DimeBrothers.com! I bought the domain name at the end of September, 2006.


It's been a busy year... but sadly not for this site. Fewer and fewer articles from da brudda, and fewer from me, too.


Plans for the 4th year include hope that I'll produce more Bandana Man cartoons. But with a wee one on the way at home, and a continuously busy volunteer and work life, the outlook doesn't look promising. But given that it can't really get worse, the only direction is up.


I'm hoping to find a couple of gimmicky topics that will get me to write more. Perhaps the Scrum of the Week will catch on. But maybe my attention span is just too short to stick with one topic....


So I was at a checkout line this morning waiting behind a woman who watched the checker scan all her items, then realized, "Oh! I have to pay! Maybe I should get out my pocketbook!" At least she didn't pay with a check. But it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that they aren't going to give you the stuff for free.


What was I saying? Oh yeah. So it's hard to focus for too long so we jump around to different issues, and are too lazy to write about them fully so we just post links and whatnot on the messages tab. Could I ever write a book or screenplay with this kind of dedication?




So I'm waiting in line for gas and it's like the person in front of me has never used a gas pump before in her life! "Yes, you have to press buttons now!" "I will personally pay for your new prescription so you can read the screen faster and get out of my way!" "Why are you paying with cash - don't you want the credit card rewards?!"






... not.



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