Caption Contest #2

Posted by: Paul Best

19 Nov 2007

This is technically the 2nd caption contest ever on Dime Brothers. The first was done by Paul with a picture fairly and squarely swiped from Paul Best back on August 8th. I happened to be the only respondent to post a caption then. This now marks a return to the form and brilliance that sparked a national movement (not sure what that movement was, or if it was even national), begun by Paul Best on his My Space page, and now proudly continued here. Caption away! (And yes, I just "verbed" the word "caption".) It's really up to Paul Best, but perhaps we'll set a one week deadline for captions, and have him pick the best. I mean, have an international committee of experts review the captions and select the winner based on consensus and a review of all posting criteria.





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