Truck Ads

Posted by: Paul Nichols

19 Nov 2007

Have you been watching TV commercials recently? Have you noticed those truck commercials that are actual demonstrations? It's kind of refreshing to see commercials that claim what they're showing is actually happening. It's a nice change of pace from those "dramatizations."


The actual demonstrations are weird things like driving over a quarry hauling a trailer and fighting wind shear. Like breaking to stop a landing airplane. Like hauling heavy stuff, breaking, then accelerating through a swinging steal beam gauntlet.


Now the kicker. Have you noticed that it's not the same truck company doing the advertising? It's Toyota and Ford with similar ad campaigns. They're thoroughly confusing the marketplace. Perhap's Chevy's "This is oouuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrr country" will actually come out on top of this commercial barrage. GMC is the official truck of the NFL but it seems like they're not even trying compared to these other guys. Hello, GMC - being the official truck of the NFL doesn't make you as popular as the NFL if you don't advertise more than once per week.


So kudos to Toyota and Ford for mixing it up a little bit. But you guys might want to check for a leak in your advertising departments.

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