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Posted by: Paul Nichols

19 Aug 2007

A couple of interesting websites I wanted to share with you. Yes, again, I am way behind the curve on these sites, but if I don't communicate them to those who are waaaaay way behind the curve, how will they ever know?


Pop versus Soda


This site gives what I consider to be a very accurate map of the dividing line for saying Pop, Soda, and Coke. You can also add to the map what people say in your neck of the woods.


Walk Score


Do you live in a walkable neighborhood? Would you like to? Find out here.

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Some links
I was searching for an image of Costco for work and came across a "Purple Gables" blog. I'm providing some links to entries on the site. Please also follow the links she provides for hilarity will ensue.

Is it a duck?

Marketing genius
28 Aug 2007

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