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Red Box and George and the Dragon - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

19 Aug 2007

George and the Dragon. One of the top 10 movies of all time. Okay. I'm lying.


The makers seemed to be trying to make a Princess-Bride-esque kind of movie. But they failed. They didn't even try to do accents. Michael Clarke Duncan was the token Moor. Piper Perabo looked like she was 12. I had to check out the movie's IMDB page just to verify she was old enough for the role (when the movie was released in 2004 she was about 28). But all you really need to know about this movie is to avoid it. Even though George, played by James Purefoy, and Tarik, played by Duncan, were very likeable characters. Of course, I can't provide too much information about the movie because I slept through most of it.


On another note, I got the movie from Red Box. Red Box is a box found usually in grocery stores around the country where you can rent movies for a dollar a day. They're due back at 9 pm the day after you rent them. They've recently added in lots of "older" movies (movies from 2 years ago, kind of like how rental stores say new releases include movies from eons ago). It's kind of annoying that they do this, but then again, they make more money by getting saps like me to rent George and the Dragon. At least for a dollar I'm not breaking the bank. You can even reserve the movie online and then go pick it up. You have to pay with a credit card at the machine so don't forget it at home. Check out the Red Box website and reserve your movie today! (My check's in the mail. Just kidding.) Perhaps my next article will focus on proper Red Box etiquette. If you've used one, you'll know why this article needs writing.

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Hurry up and write that article. I haven't used one yet. I use my local library, where movies are, let's see here, oh yeah--free!
19 Aug 2007

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