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Resigned - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

14 Aug 2007

I just resigned from FFToolbox.com. It was quite a run at my freelance career. Maybe I shouldn't have quit my high-paying private jet-included executive career for the life of a writer making 2.5 cents per word...


Check out fftoolbox.com for fantasy football tips. They have some nice draft helps, and if you have to pick individual return men, which I imagine is about .05% of the fantasy football community, then it's definitely the place to go. My last article was on the top 20 return men, and a previous article was a return yardage strategy guide. The latter included some tips about people who might help you by getting offensive stats and return stats. Just do a search on the site to find these articles.


I guess it's back to focusing on which Caribbean island to take a business trip to. Woe is me.

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