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Bottled Water - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

30 Jul 2007

So perhaps you read an article last Thursday or Friday on Yahoo or MSN about how some bottled water actually comes from a public water supply source. Pardon me for the uppityness, but I thought the important news was that some bottled water doesn't come from the public water supply. I imagine a helicopter carrying a big bucket and dipping it into a lake or reservoir somewhere, then flying away to the bottling company.


But, in fact, most bottled water doesn't come from the public water supply according to some website whose veracity I have not bothered to check. And pardon me for the uppityness, but even if the water doesn't come from a public supply, it still comes from the same place our community water comes from: the ground. That is, unless the company processes the water in some way, like by adding vitamins or salt, or whatever. Either way, good 'ole groundwater is still the way to go, unless you really need the bottle.


For more information, just google it. Or GoodSearch it and raise money for your favorite charity.

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Reader Comments:

I remember talking to a coworker about 5 years ago about water. She was going to buy more bottled water and I just encouraged her to fill up the bottle she already had at the drinking fountain. It was a novel idea for her.

She was at the forefront of the marketing blitz - one of the first I guess to be convinced that "bottled" was how one got water.

Of course, the Dime Brothers grew up on well water and drinking from the tap, so we're basically immune to the bottled water thing.
31 Jul 2007

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