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Big Sunglasses - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

27 Jul 2007

Big Sunglasses? Just say no.


You've seen 'em, right? Big sunglasses? Tough to miss them with all the pictures of Paris Hilton and company getting picked up on drug charges and thrown in the slammer every other day.


How long have these sunglasses been around, now? Goodness, gracious, probably going on a year and a half?


People and their fashions. Look how cool I am! I'm wearing big sunglasses! They might as well be saying, "I'm wearing parachute pants!" Of course, no one admits to wearing big sunglasses because they're worried about being cool: "I like them, that's all; I don't care what other people think about me." And that's just fine. Heaven knows they block out the sun. But try thinking a little longer term. Will you like them in 30 years when you're looking at pictures? Like 80's haircuts, you'll probably be wishing you went a little more with the flow.


Wait, what's the turnaround for fashion trends...30 years! So in 30 years you'll actually be looking back at your photos and thinking how trendy you were. But at every other time in the future you'll be gagging. So take it from a fashion nobody and just say no to big sunglasses!

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