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Posted by: Paul Nichols

15 Jul 2007

Here is a collection of some interesting websites to pass the time. I know I'm not nearly the 40 thousandth person to know about these sites, but that doesn't diminish their impact.


Are you flying soon? Make sure you don't get stuck with a bad seat reservation (thanks to Smart Money for reminding me about this one):

Seat Guru


That media bias you've been telling all your friends about? Someone says it's real. This is a 2005 UCLA study:

UCLA Study on Media Bias


To waste gads of time, an online multi-player videogame I haven't even played. But it looks cheery:



Hate writing bibliographies? This makes the experience slightly less aggravating. Be on the cutting edge of the bibliography technology bandwagon:

Easy Bib


We have an affinity for useless knowledge on this site. Another site shares our affinity. A recent link posted at MentalFloss.com leads you to a story asking why evolution doesn't get rid of ugly people:

Mental Floss

The Link to the Evolution Article

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