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FFToolbox Free Agency Impacts - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

16 May 2007

As mentioned previously, I've started writing for a fantasy football website called FFToolBox.com. I just handed in my first batch of articles regarding "Free Agency Impacts". You can go directly to them with this link.


For you fantasy football aficionados (or fantasy baseball enthusiasts too), you can go to the main page and explore from there. I actually found the site's organization a little confusing because there are links to NASCAR, baseball, and other sports, even though the "FF" I assume stands for "Fantasy Football" (but I guess it could also stand for "Free Fantasy"). And there seems to be a gazillion links to articles and mock drafts and cheat sheets and all sorts of code word jargon that is pretty intimidating.


But here are two easy things to remember about the site:


1)     Go to the left side of the main page under FF Articles. Click on Fantasy Football Dictionary. This dictionary is great to learn the ropes, and for those of us who think they know enough, to learn even more.


2)     You'll also definitely want to click on "Article Archive" in the same FF Articles section. Then you can see the most recently posted articles, which right now include the link to the free agent analysis.


FFtoolbox seems to have some communication with other fantasy sites, too. For example, there is an article on a mock football draft that was held between numerous sites including CBS.Sportsline.com. If that's not just made up, kudos.


Maybe I shouldn't be publicly encouraging people to visit fftoolbox; some of my fantasy league cohorts may get some tips that would help them beat me... but I won't flatter myself and assume anyone's actually reading this.

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Reader Comments:

Now your cohorts know! You are doomed....
All your fantasy sports insight has been exposed. fftoolbox!!!! Your days of fantasy league dominance (or mediocrity) are over.

Nice article though :)
17 May 2007
All the authors do a good job holding to the format FFToolBox is looking for. I can't wait for fantasy football already! Go Broncos!
17 May 2007
New FFToolbox article
This article isn't as good as my first "article". Mostly because I was tired and it was past due. Oops.
22 May 2007

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