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Posted by: Mark Nichols

01 May 2007

I will soon be writing articles for fftoolbox.com. It's a fantasy sports advice website (apparently fantasy sports is a big business now). Most of the fantasy sports advice I've seen offered, in particular by those affiliated with Yahoo, is really bad. I'll make my profession proud by ignoring facts, stating the obvious (a day after relevancy), repeating myself, and pretending that I'm an expert. I'm so glad to be joining a profession that is bent towards the public good and that prides itself on utility.


But I'd like to give a shout out to the website that made finding this writing opportunity a possibility. Deborah Ng scours the infer-super-net and posts what seem to be real writing opportunities. On her site I've seen other requests for fantasy sports writers, too. RealFootball365.com was asking for people to write about college football, including my alma mater (their pay was so bad that I didn't bite; it seems like 10 cents a word is a pretty standard rate, so if you go below that, maybe it should be something you are really interested in doing).


If anyone out there is thinking about applying for a freelance writing job but needs a writing sample to be considered, we here at Dime Brothers are willing to help. Send us (me) your writing sample, and if it's up to snuff (meaning: any good, or even if it's just better than really awful) we'll (I'll) post it on DimeBrothers.com, and you'll be able to provide a link for your potential employer. Plus it'll look like you're a Super-Highway genius! But in your article please avoid using lots of parentheses (because they're not pretty) and bad grammar, because that'd be just plain not good writing (I'm stating the obvious... it's practice for my fantasy football articles). Also make sure to include a little summary sentence that would become the link to the article (just like all the articles on Dime Brothers), and an article title. Good luck out there! (!)

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