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Mariano Rivera - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

24 Apr 2007

This is about 4 days too late, but I feel it needs to be said. Mariano ALWAYS blows a couple of saves at the beginning of the season. Then he'll save 24 in a row. And some time in the middle of August he'll blow a few more saves. This is not some new occurrence.


If you play fantasy baseball and you have Mariano Rivera on your team, when he blows a save, leave him out of your lineup until after his follow-up blown save.


Yes, Rivera has lost some of his perceived dominance over end-of-game situations, and he doesn't have the same strikeout potential anymore.


But I'm hoping for at least one more postseason where he'll be able to exude that dominance that has made him famous. Then he'll assure his place as the most dominant closer of all time, not because of his middle-of-the-summer performance, but because of the playoff success.


Go Yankees!


(I feel it must also be said that I am not a Red Sox hater. I think feuding between fans of different teams is ridiculous. The competition can be fun, though. And it's always nice in a rivalry to think that your team has the upper hand, or has momentum, or has that underdog swagger that will lead to victory.


But I'm a little more grounded in reality than just being a hater. I know that Boston pitching is much better than the Yankees' right now. But I think that the Yankee lineup is more dangerous on paper than Boston's, and I hope that translates to more dangerous in real life, too. I think that the Yankees will catch up to Boston over the summer and stay in the race for the American League East. Seems like it's bound to happen, kind of like the last 9 years.)

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This is the only article I read in a while here at dimebrothers.com. The reverse psycology of the title "do not read this" worked for me.
26 Apr 2007
Reverse Psychology
It wasn't reverse psychology. I was telling the truth. You shouldn't have read this little article!

: )

Go Yankees!
27 Apr 2007

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