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Customer Service Part IV - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

16 Dec 2013

I bought a treadmill. I bought it on Amazon. At first I thought Id get it on Black Friday, then realized there were likely to be deals on Cyber Monday. Then I learned Monday morning that if you let a purchase stay in your online cart for a bit, the price might come down. I saved a bit by waiting until Cyber Monday, and another $50 by leaving it in my online cart for a few hours.


I was supposed to receive a call to schedule drop-off on Friday. I never got a call. So I called Amazon on Saturday. They said they lost the order, took $150 off the purchase price, and sent out another treadmill.


I got a call on Monday about delivering the treadmill which I set up for the coming Thursday. Then I got a call the next day about delivery of another treadmill. Hunh? Im getting two?! So I called Amazon; turns out the first lost treadmill was the one coming on Thursday so I asked Amazon to cancel the replacement one.


Then I was called the next day about having the 2nd treadmill picked up since I didnt want it. I had never received it. Argh.


Amazon didnt do its job on multiple occasions. Maybe theyre not so great at delivering big items. When you call their customer service number large items are their own department. Eventually we got it all straightened out.


I did receive the original treadmill on Thursday (almost a week late). At least I got it at a great price making it worth it despite the poor customer service.


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