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MLB Undefeateds - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

12 Apr 2012

There are no undefeated Major League teams after 5 games. Best I could tell from 30 seconds of research was that 3 teams went 4-0 before losing: the NY Mets, Detroit, and Arizona.
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Michael Pineda
I'd say most Yankee fans were against this trade. Hopefully it will pan out some day.
25 Apr 2012
Miami Marlins?
Wow. Just found out today that the Florida Marlins are now the Miami Marlins. Surprised their "fan base" didn't get the word out.
28 Apr 2012
Agreed on Pineda
Pineda stunk the last half of 2011; and if Girardi had pinch-hit Montero in the playoffs last year, we would've gotten one series further.
29 Apr 2012

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