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Blog Makeover - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

14 Apr 2007

If Dime Brothers is to realize the economic freedoms that are its goal (be able to live off of interest and retire young), it has become necessary to initiate a change of direction.


We've sold off all sorts of commodities, our confectionary manufacturing arm, pharma subsidiaries... now it's time to give a unified focus to the centerpiece of the company: our blog.


It's long been understood that to make enough money on a blog you need 1) to be extremely famous, or 2) to keep it focused on a targeted audience, product or service. To become rich, then, we are going to forego the easy fame option and concentrate on choice number two.


What shall be our focus? It should be something that is interesting, that has a history with us... that has the chance to be popular in the future and perhaps something that's been around in the past. It needs to be something that will garner a lot of hits. That pretty much leaves just one option: Transformers.


We will focus on past and present releases of action figures, providing in-depth analysis of the product quality. We'll analyze their ability ratings for combat purposes. We'll also offer reviews of the original cartoon series and the upcoming movie. And for beginners we'll include the history of the Transformers and detail who is on which side (there are Autobots and Decepticons).


We appreciate your willingness to accept such an overhaul of this site, and encourage you to become a fan of the Transformers.


Check out the trailer at Yahoo. (I'm not sure how long the link will be active. I'm linking to Yahoo in an attempt to get them to notice us... Google's search is better, if only because they are more aware of Dime Brothers.)

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Reader Comments:

By the way...
I'm just kidding about "transforming" the site. ha ha

...No I'm not!!! (Just kidding again.)
16 Apr 2007

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