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Fantasy Sports Contests - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

07 Apr 2012

If youre interested in fantasy sports, or at least the opportunity to win money with very little work, then here are three opportunities for you.


1) You should already know that each March Yahoo! offers you the chance to win about $5 million dollars if you pick every game in the NCAA mens tournament correctly. I dont think its ever happened, but hey, ya never know (quoting the NY State lotto system)!


2) Theres also a game on ESPN.com called Streak for the Cash where you can win $50,000 or more if you have the longest streak of wins in a given month. There are also side games that allow you to win $1,000 to $5,000. This game involves picking a winner among two options. It could be as simple as picking the winner of a baseball game, or the choice could be between one worse team only losing by 1 goal or winning, or the better team winning by 2+ goals. It can get complicated.


3) Another game a coworker just introduced to me is Major League Baseballs Beat the Streak which involves picking a baseball player each day to get a hit. If you pick 57 in a row (beating Joe DiMaggios record streak of 56) then youll win $5.6 million. MLBs site is a little clunky, but it should be fun to play. And it might make following baseball a little more fun.


Good luck!



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