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Thought Parade - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

05 Apr 2012

I've got a bunch of thoughts that I haven't published in a tickler file. I use these thoughts to inform articles that I never get around to writing. So let's blow up this tickler file and stop pretending these will ever become DimeBrother articles. Here they is (some of them, at least):


1/2007 Life Response Skills Example: During church there is loud and disturbing banging a couple houses away. A couple from the church respond:

1.       Worldly Response: Cut out that racket! Result: Noise stops, enemies made.

2.       Church Response: Can we help you with something? Result: Noise stops, friends made.


3/9/2007 Regarding Work: Pretty much whats been done in the past needs to be done in the future. So you take inventory, look in the paperwork, fill out new paperwork, and voila, its done. You need neither a depth nor breadth of knowledge to do most things. The assumption that all the work is specialized (some is) kills the opportunity for younger people to learn the field to where one should know the field. So when HR people fill jobs, people with experience usually get the job, no matter how good they actually were at their job or how difficult the position is. [Pretty much I just wrote an article on this theme.]


3/29/2007 Posted on a friend's (*cough*) MySpace page; obviously I was a bit perturbed that many folks actually said things like this to my face: I gotta lotta people always tellin' me what I should do with my career and how I'm too naive to know anything, or how I'm gonna be "surprised" or "overwhelmed" when I see what the world is really like. What they see as naivet is actually a willful rejection of the crappy attitude most people inflict on themselves. So I rejoice in knowing that you and I and other friends willfully cast aside the crap people accept as reality.


8/22/2007 Leadership: A leader does not hold information hostage. I have noted that some bosses have the tendency to not reveal the process behind a decision. Revealing the process should be a simple task. Its important because it can create buy-in from other employees, and improves morale and work relationships by communicating that you care about their advancement.


8/30/2010 Old Folks Hypocrisy: They say when I was young we all roamed the streets and our parents encouraged us to not come home until night time, and in the same breath, these kids these days are roaming the streets without any parent supervisionits irresponsible! I understand that these arent necessarily hypocritical statements, but if youre gonna say both, you darn well better acknowledge the cultural differences todays youth face versus those of the 50s and 60s.

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Reader Comments:

Most points above can be summed up by what a coworker of mine once said: people suck.

Should I make the category "pet peeves" for this article?

I changed "Wordly" to "Worldly."
06 Apr 2012
Gotta couple other typos in there I'm not gonna fix, either: necessary versus necessarily. Whatever I was trying to say in the 4th sentence of "regarding work." Don't got time to edit. Just got time to not post articles!
06 Apr 2012
I changed the necessary thing. Not sure what you're saying about the 4th section. I changed the category. Maybe I'll not post for a bit longer.
07 Apr 2012

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