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Class - 2 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

17 Dec 2011

What do commentators mean when they say a football player has class? That he respects his football opponents? Or that he keeps his extra-marital affair private?


Should there be a distinction between class in the public and private realms? I don't think so. Some sports stars get described with class while others (with possibly more class) don't. And we still haven't even defined "class."


People have made this public-private distinction for selfish gains since times eternal, justifying hypocritical or evil behavior. But now they seem to have a good way to explain it away. Even if you're a total jerk at home, as long as you behave in public, you can be a "real class guy."

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Reader Comments:

An article that mentions class a lot. Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's passing yards in a season record, but did it in the 4th quarter of a game they were already winning by a lot. It was at home and a nationally televised game, so I don't think it's that big a deal. Especially because everyone involved is classy.
27 Dec 2011
Another article
Here's another article about the Saints running up the score. It says it should be expected. And that Drew Brees is a class guy.
28 Dec 2011

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