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End of Baseball Season Stories - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

24 Sep 2011

Here's what I'm wondering at the end of this baseball season:
1) Can the Dodgers' Matt Kemp actually win the batting triple crown?
2) Can Albert Pujols get to 100 RBI?
3) Can any of the wild card contenders in the AL pass the Red Sox?
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Reader Comments:

Looks like Matt Kemp won't win the triple crown. Batting average is too low.

Pujols' team has scored 23 runs in the last 5 games. He has 0 ribbies in those games. He's scored only 2 of those runs. Looks like he's not only trying to miss 100 ribbies for the first time in his career, but to pull his batting average below .300 for the first time, too.

St. Louis is tied with Atlanta for the last wildcard spot; Tampa Bay is tied with Boston for the last wildcard spot. Exciting end of season!
28 Sep 2011
Final Update
No triple crown for Matt Kemp.

Albert Pujols - 99 RBI, .299 batting average.

Tampa Bay gets the wildcard over Boston. St. Louis gets in over Atlanta. Both Atlanta and Boston had big start-of-September leads in those races. Big collapses.
29 Sep 2011
The best team in baseball (the Yankees, duh!) got unlucky with another rain delay in game 1 against Detroit when Sabathia was on and Verlander was not. The delay lead to them both going in game 3, which Detroit ended up winning. Sabathia pitched in game 5 in relief and allowed a run that ended up being the difference. The Yankees couldn't score much with the bases loaded tonight.

The Yanks scored more runs in the 5 game series. Tampa scored more runs than Texas and lost their series.

An ESPN graphic last week showed the Yanks and Detroit with the best records against teams that made the playoffs. Of course they'd play each other in the first round!

So we're going to have a boring rest of the playoffs, until the AL representative loses to an under-qualified NL team. Yippee.

(Regarding unlucky rain delays, also see '04 against Boston and '06 against Detroit.)
06 Oct 2011
Congrats St. Louis
I hear it was a good World Series. I saw part of that game 6, but turned the channel after the 4th inning. St. Louis' victory is a fun story--it's nice to have fun stories like this after the steroids era. Feels like 1990 again or something. But, still. NL winning the Series? Yeah. As if.
29 Oct 2011
It definitely wasn't a boring rest of the playoffs, but an inferior NL squad won it. St. Louis played near .500 ball for 5 out of 6 months of the season (they were 69-64 on August 27th), then got hot and barely squeaked into the playoffs because of Atlanta's injured pitchers, then managed to win the World Series. So I feel mostly justified claiming this (and bitter that the Yankees couldn't win in the playoffs again).
29 Oct 2011

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