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NFL Preview 2011 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

07 Sep 2011

Here’s your 5-minute NFL preview for the 2011 season. Teams are listed in their predicted finish in their division:


AFC East


New England Patriots – On top until proven otherwise. Do you see the Jets or the Dolphins overtaking them this year? Don't answer that. This roster is so old, [insert joke].


New York Jets – Actually, the Jets actually seem like they could overtake New England this year...until one remembers they have Sanchez at quarterback and somebody at running back. I think it's that guy from San Diego still. Tomlinson. Always liked him. They didn't bring Thomas Jones back, did they? Better on the road than at home, but they've had a year to get used to the new stadium. Wild card is probable.


Miami Dolphins – Always frisky. Can’t name a player on their roster. Jason Taylor’s back with them isn't he? Should juvenate them to another solid 7-win season.


Buffalo Bills – Will start out poorly. Probably finish the season winning something like 4 of 6—just enough of a winning streak to give their fans hope for next season’s failure.


AFC North


Baltimore Ravens – This is their year to take this division. Not for any great insight that I have. Just cause Pittsburgh is predictable.


Pittsburgh Steelers – Pittsburgh is still an every-other-year kind of team, so look for a let-down kind of year, based solely on patterns. 12-4 last year. 9-7 the year before. 12-4 the year before that. The best 8-8 team ever the year before that. The Super Bowl team the year before that. But, for the last playoff spot, it's either these guys or Houston. I guess I have to pick these guys.


Cleveland Browns – People have these guys being a bit frisky. I see some folks predicting as many as 6 victories for them.


Cincinnati Bengals – Overrated last year. Overrated the year before that. It’s Cincinnati, people. Could push the envelope of futility.


AFC South


Indianapolis Colts – On top until proven otherwise. I thought last year they were close to losing their king-of-the-hill status. They're weaker this year, but who in this division could out-class them?


Houston Texans – Overrated once again? 9-7 seems about right. You know their coach used to be John Elway's permanent backup?


Tennessee Titans – Poor guys fell apart last year. Seems like a rebuilding kind of 6-win season.


Jacksonville Jaguars – Not sure how they won 8 games last year. Not sure how they'll win at all this year.


AFC West


San Diego Chargers – Another fluky underperforming season for these guys last year. Just don't see anyone doing that to them again.


Kansas City Chiefs – Kansas City will finish around 6 wins, too. They totally got lucky with their schedule last year. Still, 8 wins seems alright.


Oakland Raiders – Not sure how they won 8 games last year. Very Jacksonville Jaguar-esque.


Denver Broncos – Denver Denver Denver. Serious draft and defensive talent issues. Not changing defensive coordinators every year would help.


NFC East


Philadelphia Eagles – Philly's getting a lot of the hype, and rightfully so with the name players they'll have suiting up. Vick seemed to always go 12-4 back with the Falcons, then flame out in the playoffs. Predict the same this year.


New York Giants – With so little practice, the teams that changed the least should have a competitive advantage. Look for the Giants to challenge this year.


Dallas Cowboys – Same players who underperformed last year. Still, 9-7 could be enough to get that second wild card.


Washington Redskins – These guys over performed last year, netting 6 victories instead of the 5 I thought they'd bring home. McNabb will provide some excitement, at least. What's that you say? Then who's quarterbacking the team to that 5-win season?


NFC North


Green Bay Packers – Should get it done as division champs. Not that great on the road, until those playoffs.


Chicago Bears – Surprising season last year. Still a fan of Cutler, mostly for the excitement factor (where oh where will his fumble bounce?!). These poor guys, along with Dallas, are the just on the outside of the playoffs.


Detroit Lions – Suh by himself seems able to will this team to 6 or 7 wins.


Minnesota Vikings – Uhhhhhhhhh, nothing to say about these guys that you don't already know. That's right, I don't know anything about these guys either.


NFC South


Atlanta Falcons – Good team that gets the job done. They'll try to open up their offense to get over the Green Bay Packers hump.


New Orleans Saints – Should be a fun competition with Atlanta this year.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Somehow won 10 games last year, by winning a bunch of the close ones. Luck can't hold out.


Carolina Panthers – 2 victories last year. Buzz over Cam Newton is good for at least 3.


NFC West


St. Louis Rams – I think we're all rooting for the team in this division that will be at least moderately entertaining. Bradford should get it done this year, at least in terms of a division championship.


Arizona Cardinals – At least they've got Fitzgerald.


San Francisco 49ers – Haven't we seen this quarterback merry-go-round before? Can't mean good things.


Seattle Seahawks – I'm just upset that they made the playoffs then won a game over a depleted New Orleans team, and somehow think they were a good team. Bottom of the NFC West for them!





AFC 1st Round: Baltimore, San Diego, New England, Indianapolis, New York Jets, Pittsburgh.

2nd Round: Baltimore, San Diego, New England, New York Jets.

3rd Round: Baltimore, San Diego


NFC 1st Round: Green Bay, Atlanta, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New Orleans, New York Giants.

2nd Round: Green Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans, New York Giants.

3rd Round: Green Bay, New Orleans.


Super Bowl: New Orleans over Baltimore.


Alright. I'm not happy with these picks, but someone's gotta win these games. I've got the home bye teams going to the championship games, except for New Orleans making it through. I successfully predicted Green Bay winning the trophy last year, but I had them beating Tennessee. We'll see if I can go two-for-two with the winners.

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Reader Comments:

Lazily Written Article
Giants very often get to 6-2 then lose a couple games in a row.

I wrote this article pretty quickly and lazily. Sorry if you actually read it.

Boy was I wrong about the Colts!
11 Nov 2011
Well, we're in the home stretch of the regular season. Looks like I got the Bills prediction reversed. The Giants swooned more than normal at the 6-win mark, but probably still have enough in them to make the playoffs. The Broncos are having a pleasant turnaround, but San Diego can still catch them for the division crown, a la two years ago. Baltimore and New Orleans can both still make the Super Bowl, but I think the favorites at this point are Green Bay and Pittsburgh.
16 Dec 2011
It's playoff time!!! Let me reflect a little on the season. Let's start with the good predictions:

Washington ended up with 5 victories and it was tough to tell who would be their quarterback all year.

I had Dallas and Chicago just on the outside of the playoffs.

Now for the bad predictions:

Buzz over Cam Newton sure was good for 3 victories. Plus 4 more!

Philadephia sure did fizzle out. Didn't even make the playoffs!

I whiffed on the Colts. And San Francisco's quarterback actually meant good things for the team.

How about my playoffs predictions? I still like New Orleans' and Baltimore's chances. New England's got a coach interviewing for a college position, so his head's not in the game or with his team. Pittsburgh's got injuries. Green Bay's got, uh, a pretty good team. San Francisco is good but can they score enough? New Orleans versus Baltimore in the Super Bowl!

05 Jan 2012

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