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Dime Brothers Finishing School - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

06 Apr 2007

Many of us have gone to college and sat through some of the most boring classes known to man (not me, though - I didn't take chemistry). Regardless, I think we've all thought about why we're not taking or haven't taken the classes we really want to. Well, think no more. Were that there were a school like this.


Press Release


Dime Brothers Finishing School, LLC (Nasdaq: DBFS) announces the opening of preparatory schools around the globe. DBFS, LLC will teach you all the things you want to know for the low low price of - but wait! If you enroll now you'll be allowed to enroll in an extra class for free!


Classes include:


Chess (beginning, advanced, and Deep Blue)

MacGyver (up to four semesters)

Home Depot (with construction, plumbing, and electrical concentrations)


Trivial Pursuit


Electives include:


Table Games

Musical Instruments (including Guitar, either Rock Star or Coffee Haus; Piano, either Rock Star or Church; and many others)

Practicums designed to allow you to gain experience in a variety of real-world fields, such as flower shop, massage therapy, auto shop, or real estate get-rich-quick schemes


We're adding more classes every semester!


Registrants can apply to our one- or two-year programs. We keep costs down by basing our operations in tax-favorable countries. Choose from one of our many waterfront locations in Mexico, Indonesia, and Louisiana.


Sign up now, registration ends soon!

© 2007 Dime Brothers
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Reader Comments:

I'm not sure the NASDAQ would allow a school to be listed, let alone an LLC. Would have to check on that...

...but anyway...

... sign me up!!! Are there aid programs for people like me? What are the housing and food costs?
06 Apr 2007
Is this school accredited? And if not, can I teach there?
06 Apr 2007
Paul Best 
We are accredited by the National Association of Unaccredited Schools, so let us know what you want to teach.

We need teachers for Bow-Tie Tying 101 and 201, as well as our "Looking Good" and "I Make This Look Easy" courses.
07 Apr 2007
"Looking Good"
If there's anyone who is a PhD in Looking Good, that would be me... the author of this comment.
08 Apr 2007
Paul Best 
So I read this after your newer post: I need to learn plumbing so I don't have to pay a, well, plumber. How much for that class? Is it cheaper than paying a plumber once?!
11 Apr 2007
Let me tell you, prices are down for the Spring season. For just the low low price of--but wait! Sign up now and enroll in an extra class for free! Tuition assistance for those who qualify.
11 Apr 2007

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