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The Big Dance - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

17 Mar 2011

ESPN headline this morning: "VCU proved it belonged in the NCAA's dance, beating USC on Wednesday night." Um... no. USC didn't belong either, so that doesn't prove anything. Virginia Tech should've been in along with one other team, probably Colorado.
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Two Cents Comment
I'd really love to comment on your two cents on The Big Dance. Perhaps we should add that functionality to our website! Alas, I have to create a new message...

So my comment is this: I like those Colonial Athletic Conference teams or wherever they're from. I think VCU was okay getting in. I think St. Mary's should have been in with the other spot. Harvard might have been close to earning a spot on its merit, too. I'm still not sold on 11 Big East teams, even though Marquette had some good wins. Penn State shouldn't have made it in, either.
17 Mar 2011
OK, so VCU just beat Georgetown... maybe they sorta belong. But who's not to say V-Tech wouldn't have won both games?

Looking at who got in, there were lots of unworthy teams in my opinion.
19 Mar 2011
Okay, okay. VCU - you belong! (They just beat Purdue.)
21 Mar 2011
The Final Four
The Final Four: Kentucky vs. UConn, and VCU vs. Butler. Butler won, and UConn won. They'll play tomorrow night. Go UConn!
03 Apr 2011

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