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NFL Owners and Players Talks - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

08 Mar 2011

Not that I'm trying to defend the NFL owners, but just because they're rich from other enterprises doesn't necessarily mean they should bend to the players' demands. The business has to be profitable on its own, regardless of the owners' wealth from other business.

Although each team probably is profitable.
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NFL Owners and Players Talks
True on what you said below, but how can the players possibly take the owners seriously based on limited data? The NFL owners say that providing audited records has never helped any sport come to a collective bargaining agreement. That's a non-sequitor, but here 'ya go anyway: That's because the documents prove that the owners: 1) make so much; 2) don't manage what they have well; or 3) don't reflect what future profits may be. Owners: once again this is your fault.
11 Mar 2011
NFL Owners and Players Talks
The players didn't even want to be at the negotiating table. Owners forced them there by opting out of the agreement they had, told them to take a 2 billion dollar pay cut, then wondered why the players were being so greedy, without providing any proof as to why taking 2 billion dollars themselves wasn't greedy.
11 Mar 2011

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