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Host Switch - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

18 Feb 2011

Note that we'll likely be switching hosting providers in the near future, and thus the site may be down for a couple of days, that is, if I'm too lazy to repoint whatnot and whoozamajigger.
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Reader Comments:

Host Switch
Alright, so did we successfully switch hosts? Did we???!!!

Or have we followed the DimeBrothers motto: Always give up! Always surrender!
04 Mar 2011
Host Switch
I believe we have. Thanks to Steve. It would've taken me much longer to figure out the final whose-its and whatnots. The switch is, Comb-pleet! (Darth Vader voice)
04 Mar 2011
With the hosting switch we had some glitches with apostrophes. It may eventually get fixed. I promise nothing.
10 Mar 2011
I believe I've fixed the apostrophe issue along with all the other weird text things that happened with the changeover. Although this messages board doesn't work quite right. Can't view past pages. Will have to work on that. Again, I promise nothing.
12 Mar 2011

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