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Cliff Lee - 2 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

14 Dec 2010

So glad the Yankees didn't get Cliff Lee. 1, I didn't want the team spending all that money. 2, I think the Yankees can still win without him.
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Cliff Lee
Amen! The guy has only had a couple good years, and last year still only won 12 games.

Annoying to read how he took less money to go to Philly - um... $24 MM a year instead of $23 MM a year. It's one less year of a contract, sure, but if he's still performing at a high level by the end of the contract, he'll make up the difference (I doubt he'll be that good by then, though).

And I thought it an interesting point brought up by Jack-O on The Sports Guy podcast - Lee pulled a LeBron James, joining people he already liked and a rotation that takes the pressure off. Oh well.

I did want Rich Harden, though. Too bad Oakland got him. Now watch the Yankees sign Pavano - ACK!

Pettitte just got more expensive to bring back! Bring him back in July! Could've used Harden in April and May before he got injured.
15 Dec 2010

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