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Run Easy - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Best

02 Apr 2007

I just saw a great advertisement and wanted to share it.



A 10-minute mile is just as far as a 6-minute mile.  Now go run easy.


How true is that?  Sometimes it's extremely easy to get discouraged because we look at how we don't measure up to others.  When we get discouraged, we don't try.  When we don't try, we accomplish nothing.


This advertisement encourages me.  I just started exercising again, and I constantly have to remind myself that "no, I'm not in as good of shape as I was when I was 21... and I never will be unless I keep working at it."  People at work probably get annoyed with me talking about my new found interest in exercising, but I do it because I'm throwing the line out for encouragement and accountability.  Maybe I'll even get someone to want to exercise with me.  (Yeah, right!)


Each of us needs to find something to encourage us - whether it concerns exercise, our spiritual lives, our jobs, or our relationships.  Find something that reminds you to get up, act, and make a positive change.  You may not be great at something right now, but you'll never be great unless you get out there and do it.  Find your encouragement - Be someone else's encouragement.


Now go run easy.


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First Article
Thanks for your inspirational first article, Paulie B.!
03 Apr 2007
Run Easy
Looks like Nike has responded to Reebok's Run Easy campaign with some "I'm not really an athlete" kind-of ads too. I saw one on ESPN.com. I guess you could see it here.
25 Jan 2008

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