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The End of Innocence (Thank you Enigma), or The Art of Selling Out - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

02 Apr 2007

Selling out is defined by TheresJustNoWayThatsTrue.com as the compromising of one's integrity, morality and principles in exchange for money, success or other personal gain.


Do you remember all those principles you had when you were young? There was right and there was wrong. And you were passionate about fighting for right. You looked around at your friends and knew you would never forget what's right. You would be there for each other. The world would be just fine if you and your friends could run it.


The popular media confirmed your passion for right living. Pump Up the Volume, with Christian Slater, reminded you that the youth of the nation (thank you P.O.D.) had an unrivaled zest for life, a zest anyone over, say, 30, could not share.


Well, then you and your friends got older. You walked around the block and learned that things were not always black and white. A lot of things were gray. Then you tried to make that realization fit with the fact that you knew things were always a lot simpler than people would have you believe. Then you had a million conversations with anyone who would listen to try and reconcile all those little snippets of information, and the only thing that made any sense was that life was best described as a paradox (thank you episodes 177 & 178 of Star Trek: The Next Generation).


So you lost more and more zest until finally, you looked around and asked yourself, "Who hasn't sold out? What's it gonna hurt to put ads up on a pure, blameless website?"


Thank you for stealing the last shred of my innocence, brother. Thank you for selling out.

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Reader Comments:

Selling out
But we've already made $2.50!!! It's already been worth it!!!
02 Apr 2007
What if....?
Paul, if you're that bummed by Mark's turncoat actions, I'll take the bullet by taking your share.
02 Apr 2007
Paul Best 
I'm good with the money, but I'll continue to complain that I'm the only one with any standards around here. :)
03 Apr 2007

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