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America's Got Talent - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

09 Sep 2010

I must say, the talent on this season's America's Got Talent is awesome. The top 10 was reduced to 4 last night, and it must've been tough for the voters to choose.

My favorites in rough order from best to worst:
Fighting Gravity (cool show with black lights)
Michael Grimm (singer)
Prince Poppycock (glam opera singer)
Jackie Evancho (girl opera singer)
Michael Grasso (magician)
The dance troupe
The bike guy
Taylor Mathews (young singer)
The kid dancers
The sister singers
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Reader Comments:

America's Got Talent
My four favorites made it into the final show last night on AGT - woo hoo! I watched the performances this morning.

Final Performance Review
*Spoiler* (kind of)

- Prince Poppycock sang the song that made Paul Potts famous, and was too serious. Well done and I love him, but not worthy of winning the whole thing.

- Michael Grimm sang really well (even though it was a Michael Bolton song). He performed best of all 4. If he won, it would not be a bad thing.

- Jackie Evancho sang a sleepy song and didn't quite hit a low note, but still is pretty amazing for a 10-year old opera singer. Her time will come (but shouldn't be now).

- Fighting Gravity - a fun show but with a mistake (could see one of the helpers), and I'm not sure I understood everything that was goin' on. If they won, it wouldn't be the worst.

All 4 are great acts. If I had to vote for the best performance, it'd be Grimm. If I voted for body of work and Vegas act potential, it'd be Fighting Gravity.
15 Sep 2010
America's Got Talent Winner

The winner was Michael Grimm. Voters must have chosen based on performance. I'm happy he won. Although all the finalists are extremely talented.
16 Sep 2010

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