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Buzzword Bingo - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

30 Mar 2007

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How could you not?!
How could you not put something with "Lean" in it??? Lean Six, Lean Thinking, Lean Processes...

If this were my job... others would have to put some of the following to get a Bingo around me.
"I haven't killed anyone in a while"
"Choke slam the associates"
"Hang Loose"
"Dude, you just don't even know"
"Work Faster"
"No Loafing"
"I'm going to get chow"
"I'm dealing with associate drama right now"
"Did you ask your team leader first?"
30 Mar 2007
Paul Best 
"Lean" is a term from Six Sigma, and I think is a process to trim down waste in an organization. That's proly why you hear it so much where you work, Paulie B. Words I seem to hear all the time: "Get to work!"; "On the brink"; "Laid off"; "Slacker"; "This close to being fired"... I'm sure it's the company culture and not my performance!!! : )
31 Mar 2007

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