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Boo - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

14 Feb 2010

Syracuse lost. They didn't play with any determination except for about 2 minutes.
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Syracuse lost. Seems like they've lost 10 games this season, even though they've only lost 3. They take too much time off in the middle of games.
06 Mar 2010
Syracuse lost today to Butler in the NCAA tourney. Butler was under-seeded as a 5 seed - they finished the year in the top 10 in the polls. So if writers and coaches think they're good, why would the NCAA committee think they aren't? Maybe not 2-seed good but a 3 or 4.

Anyway, Butler got away with lots of body-ing up on defense. Annoying. And I wish Coach Boeheim would get his guys playing with a sense of urgency throughout the whole game. They only scored 1 point in the first 6:30 of the game. Crazy.

Guess the Big East was overrated this year. Still... go West Virginia! There's still hope to salvage something for the conference!
25 Mar 2010

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