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Warning: Beware of a Drug Hiding Right Under Your Nose! - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

20 Mar 2007

Many years ago, probably about the time I was entering college, I noticed something. Something scary. Kids, entering adulthood, made choices. Choices that would affect them for the rest of their lives. Choices that had a much more profound impact than they could ever imagine. My friends were choosing to use. Now we've all heard the phrases, don't use, or don't abuse, or to stay away from drugs. A strong and important message. But chapstick? That's safe, right? Unfortunately, no. Good for your lips? Yes. Makes kissing more pleasant? Yes. An unregulated narcotic with the addictive qualities of methamphetamines, finger nail biting, or Tostitos Hint of Lime chips? Yes. Just try getting someone who uses chapstick to stop. The FDA won't do it, so I bring this message of warning to you here and now.


I need to warn you about this product because I have recently become a user. Now don't go thinking, "I can quit anytime I want!" or "I don't have to worry about that; I only use it when my lips are chapped!" or even worse, "I don't use chapstick, I use lip balm!" LIES!! Oh, Shhhh...they'll hear us. Everybody is at risk! E V E R Y B O D Y! This conspiracy runs deep. Sure, Chapstick started it, but be weary of Vaseline, Carmex and LipSmackers! They're revolutionizing the chapstick medium, making it easier for everyone to become a victim. I used to think with contempt, "Look at that chapstick addict!" and think about how good my life was. Not anymore. I bought mine innocently enough - to help a charity. "How bad can it be?" I thought harmlessly. Vanilla Bean lip balm. (Mmmmm...) And now I can't stop! I crave more and spend endless gobs of money to find the next and more powerful hit. Goats milk, shea butter, I crave the best. I write this to let you know there's a way out, and to protect you if you aren't yet addicted.


There are many web resources to help you break your addiction. Start here. The establishment is always trying to shut them down; it's only through multiple servers and ghost sites that this modern-day hero can keep the site running, at great personal sacrifice and loss. I implore you to spread the word!! Use the message board here to post your stories of perseverance, your stories of hope, your stories of struggle. Let us encourage each other and show big brother where the power in this country really is!

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Reader Comments:

My Story
I started out by going through 1 stick of Kiwi Strawberry a week.
Next thing I knew- it was 5-6 sticks a day (banana berry, Dr. Pepper, Skittles, you name it.)
I tried to hide it from my family. They tried to get me help, and I'd pretend I was clean. I would lie about holding, I'd say things like "no I'm just happy to see you!"
One day I woke up in my car. I had driven all the way down to Wyeth Consumer Healthcare factory in Richmond, VA where they manufacture Chapstick my precious. I honestly can't say what I was planning to do, but rest assured my intentions were dark and evil, fueled by my addiction.
That trip was my wake up call. And I'm proud to say that I am alive and well and 4 days clean.
Paul, thank you for bringing this important issue into the light. I count myself as lucky. I'm a survivor. I hope my story helps and inspires those in need.
21 Mar 2007
Drink Water
If you drink more water each days you should have chapped lips less often.
21 Mar 2007
Drink Water
If you drink more water each days you should have chapped lips less often.
21 Mar 2007
Double post?
All I did was his refresh and it post again? Bad form.
21 Mar 2007
No biggie
No big deal, Scottie. I could delete the extra posts but I'll leave them all for posterity. Dan, I'm crackin' up. Hilarious. I mean... I'm happy for your victory.
22 Mar 2007
Double posts
The glitch that caused a post to resubmit on refresh has been repaired. Good form.
23 Mar 2007
Webmaster (Steve) 
The Self Evaluation and Testimony of Addiction on the Link that Paul provided is hilarious. For example:
12.) Have you begun to use lip balm while alone?
20.)Do you occasionally coat heavily after a disappointment, quarrel or rough day?
30.)Have you tried to control your lip balm use by changing jobs or moving?
41.)Do you spend time with people or in places you otherwise would not be around but for the availability of lip balm?

Just a few selections from the link.

I know I could not live without my "super-model-lucious lips", and no I don't have a problem, so stop asking!
29 Mar 2007
"Hilarious", "don't have a problem"...we're here to help when you're ready.
31 Mar 2007
Lip Balm
Smart Money magazine just had an article called "Lip Balm Junkies". They reference this lip balm website: http://www.lipbalmanonymous.com/.
02 May 2010

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