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Boston vs. Chicago NBA Playoff Game 6 - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

30 Apr 2009

How on earth does Rajon Rondo not get kicked out of the game going on tonight? He threw Hinrich into the scorer's table. He's absolutely destroying his reputation with his dirty play over the last bunch of games.
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For the record
I was in Chicago last night for that Game 6. So I left my hotel to catch the spirit of the restaurant scene and the excitement of the moment. I went to Harry Carry's. Lot's of fear any time Allen touched the ball. Lot's of fan coaching going on. But it felt like no one would have minded if the game kept going. And it was awesome as the place erupted when Noah dribbled down the court and slammed it home to clinch the game.
01 May 2009

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