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Syracuse B-Ball - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

10 Apr 2009

Flynn testing the NBA draft waters

Hopefully Flynn comes back to Syracuse. Realistically the other two will be back.
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B-Ball Bunk
Turns out the below article is off a bit. Syracuse released that the three were testing the draft waters without getting an update from them first. It seems Flynn is almost surely gone, and Harris wasn't planning on it but might try it out now. Not sure about Devendorf....
15 Apr 2009
Well, word on my street is that if Flynn isn't top 10, he'll stay, but that Harris and Devendorf are likely gone (probably to Europe) because they may not have the academic credentials to graduate so there's not much motivation to stick around.
15 Apr 2009
Flynn is gone. Signed with an agent.

The only pro sports team I'm crazy for is the Yankees. Growing up I was rabid for the Redskins in football. When I was really young I kind of rooted for the Celtics and Bruins in basketball and hockey (in a box-score only kind of way). Since I lived in Utah I sometimes root for the Jazz.

I'm kind of hoping I can find more passion for an NBA team, and maybe Flynn will bring that to me once he's in the NBA. Of course, I hoped similarly of Carmelo Anthony. But the passion ain't there.
16 Apr 2009

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