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Initial Reaction - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

10 Dec 2008

The New York Yankees just signed CC Sabathia. Initial reaction: too much money for a pitcher who hasn't consistently performed. Don't these GMs have any leveraging ability? CC isn't the best pitcher out there - why give him the best money?

I like that the Mets didn't give F-Rod the best reliever contract out there. Smart.
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Initial Reaction: The Return
So the Yankees just signed A.J. Burnett to a huge pitching contract. Initial reaction? Too much money for a pitcher who hasn't consistently performed.
12 Dec 2008
Yankees Signings
Both of these signings are terrible, I feel. There just aren't that many guys out there to sign. Sure, we can sign these guys, but not for this kind of money. Even the Phillies are going a bit crazy, signing Ibanez for 10 million bucks a year. Absurd.
13 Dec 2008
Horrible news from Electrolux.

And Buster Olney has a reply on ESPN to people who think the Yankees have been giving up the young talent route. And he's right - the Yankees still have their young talent. Of course, that's not what we're saying... we're saying we just shouldn't be spending so much. Go ahead and sign guys, but to reasonable deals. Who?, you ask? The same guys, but for less! It's like giving a contract to A-Rod last year that no one was going to match. Why did you do it? No pitcher should be getting a higher yearly salary than Johan Santana. Ignoring incentives, Johan is going to average $22.9mm a year with his contract. Sabathia will average $23mm a year. Not smart.
15 Dec 2008

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