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Civics 101 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

28 Oct 2006

Hey y'all. So this is Civics 101. Better titled: How the World Works. Of course, this comes from a WASP United Statesian perspective. Not that that matters. This ain't a discussion of postmodernism, though I imagine I'll touch on it. Actually, this is an in-your-face discussion of postmodernism, because I believe the world is something that can be understood (boo, postmodernism!!), at least for the most part (yeah, postmodernism!!). Action A leads to Internal Processing B, which leads to Action C.


[A] + [B] + [C] = 100% of Human Experience


Or, we are the sum of our parts. But there are parts that can't be understood, and maybe that's okay. I'm not saying I have all of the answers, but I am saying that there are answers.


Why Civics? Because some people do good things. Because some people do bad things. Because some people don't do anything.


Why Civics? Because MacGuyver taught us something. Because Monday Night Football makes us feel good. Because everyone loves his grandfather.


Why Civics? Because it's the space in which our national dialogue is formed. Yeah, I said it. Don't worry, though: "space," "dialogue," and "postmodernism" are words academics use to sound smart. Sure they mean something, but they're less important than they want to admit. (And we'll be talking about "we" and "they," too.)


Why Civics? Because civics is a little bigger than government. It's a little bigger than you or me. It's how the world gets along. It touches on ethics, government, social dealios and the such.


I want to take you on a ride that investigates our little space, questions its validity, illuminates some of its quirks, and makes life more fun. We will embrace contradiction and revel in paradoxes. And I'll admit, I'll focus on government with the occasional soiree into things pop culture or otherwise. But I want this to be, above all, a learning experience for all of us. So shoot me an e-mail if you've got comments, questions, or complaints.


Game on.

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