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Posted by: Mark Nichols

17 Mar 2008

We are now referenced on the Wikipedia page for the Merritt Parkway (honest - I didn't do it!). We're the source for the reference to "The No-Exit Zone". This seems to re-affirm the fact that if you're around long enough, you'll get noticed/promoted/become incredibly famous. We're practically there.

: )
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Well done! Do other people actually call it "The No-Exit Zone" besides you? Congrats on the reference! We're between some pretty serious references, actually.
17 Mar 2008
I didn't come up with the name - it's what I always heard on the radio traffic reports (Star 99.9 especially). But it does make sense - it's a 5.5 mile stretch with nowhere to go if there's an accident. And an exit number is skipped. The start is exit 44 and the end is exit 42.
18 Mar 2008

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